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Templates & Examples

Hundreds of templates for every use-case or scenario.

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Why Choose Our Interactive Form Maker?

Build beautiful functional forms in minutes. Give your audience a smooth and enjoyable form-filling experience and get more submissions.

Best Way to Generate Leads

Interactive lead forms land up to 500% more leads than standard ones.

  • Grab your audience’s attention with friendly and well-designed visual content.
  • Keep them entertained with images, videos, and multiple-choice questions.
  • Use smart form fields to validate responses and make sure every email address you get is real.
  • Improve form based on an automatically generated performance report.
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Easy to Make & Analyze

Build an interactive online form in minutes. It’s super simple to make engaging smart forms that your audience will love.

  • Start from scratch with our user-friendly form editor. Absolutely no coding is needed.
  • Or use a ready-made form template to get started and change anything you want.
  • Automatically receive visual results and performance reports that are easy to read, organize, and export.
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Beautiful & Effective

Interactive visual forms get more submissions than regular forms. That’s why our online form builder and templates are designed to look beautiful.

  • Easily add images and videos to any question card or form field.
  • Select fonts and text sizes.
  • Choose from a variety of color themes. Check out our featured themes or make your own.
  • Click on form preview whenever you like to see how it looks from your audience’s perspective.

Don’t worry about different displays and devices, we make sure your form looks great on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

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Personalized Experience

Want more people to respond? Make them feel seen and respected. Our form maker offers two powerful personalization tools that can make a huge difference.

  • Skip logic: design a question path that responds to every user’s answers. For example, if they answer “apples” to a question about their favorite fruit, the next question they see could be “red or green?”
  • Answer piping: include your user’s answer to one question in the following questions. For example, if you ask for their name at the start you could refer to them by name in the next questions.
skip logic

Everything Is Customizable

Whether you’re building a form from scratch or from a template, our form builder lets you make a custom form that’s tailored to your audience and objectives.

  • Choose from different types of form fields, questions, and layouts to ensure clarity and maximize engagement.
  • Customize the call to action text of every form button and error message to get more form entries.
  • Select fonts, letter size, and color themes that match your brand, calm your users, and emphasize your mission.
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Data Analysis Made Easy

When people start sending in their responses our form maker automatically collects and organizes the data for you in visual graphs, charts, and tables.

In addition to their personal info, you’ll get performance reports and metadata that will help you understand your users better and improve your form if necessary.

View this info on our built-in analytics dashboard or export it as an XLS/CSV file. You can also get notified by email after each form submission and automatically send the data to your marketing automation system.

analytics dashboard

Integrates With Your Workflow

Our form maker integrates with the work management systems you use.

Use native integrations or custom webhooks to automatically sync all email leads and responses with your CMS/CRM system, whether it’s Google Sheets, MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, or any other 3rd party system.

seamless integrations

Share & Embed Anywhere

You don’t have to be a technical person to put an interactive form on your website.

It’s a matter of copying and pasting an automatically-generated embed code, or, if you have a WordPress site, using our friendly form plugin.

You could also simply publish it on our site and share a link with your audience over any messaging app, email, or social network.

For example, you could make and share a Whatsapp form, a Slack form, or an email form in minutes.

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Fully Responsive & User-Friendly

Your audience can view your form, fill it out, and submit it easily and comfortably from any device, tablet, phone, or computer.

Don’t worry about the images and the design, our visual form builder takes care of that automatically, they will always look great.

fully responsive and mobile friendly

Secure & Private

We keep your forms and information safe.

  • All data is stored on secure Amazon AWS servers.
  • Data transit is conducted only over HTTPS and is encrypted in rest.
  • We follow industry-standard security and privacy guidelines and fully comply with GDPR.
  • We conduct regular assessments to verify that your data is secure and safe.

For more details, read our privacy policy.

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Why Do Interactive Forms Get More Submissions?

Long Google forms or PDF forms that pop up in your inbox are usually kept for later and eventually ignored. Interactive forms are not. This is why:

One Question at a Time

Even a simple form can look like a lot of work if you show all question fields at once.

To get people to fill out your form and submit it you need to make it simple and inviting.

Asking one question at a time makes it easy to focus and feel the progress.

friendly quiz design

A Friendly & Personalized Experience

A conversational form minimizes anxiety and gets more responses.

Interactive forms give you many opportunities to be friendly, humorous, and encouraging.

Add a personal touch to any question, answer option, CTA button, email address request, and error message.

Use smart form builder tools like skip logic and answer piping to adapt your form to your users’ answers in real-time.

personalized quiz and survey experience

Easy To Keep It Interesting

A good way to increase submissions is to keep people entertained.

Multi-page forms let you combine different interactive field types without causing confusion.

For example, you could start with a video-based yes/no question, move on to an illustrated multiple-choice question, and follow up with an open-ended question.

question type examples

Optimize According to User Behavior

Our Interactive form maker has a built-in analytics dashboard that shows you how many viewed your form, opened it, and completed it.

You can also see exactly where people gave up.

This data makes it easy to improve user experience and create powerful forms that convert.

drop off report example

Visual & Eye Catching

Visual forms get more responses. It’s true for any type of content. When you add good images or videos, engagement increases.

Our visual form builder lets you add images and videos to your form cover, questions, and answer options, making the whole experience way more attractive and fun for your audience.

How to Make an Interactive Form?

Whether you’re making an order form, a registration form, a contact form, or a feedback form, the process can be quick and easy.

Begin with a template or start from scratch

The easiest way to get started is to visit our template library, pick a form that inspires you, and tweak it.

But, if you prefer a clean slate, simply go to the creation form and start building. Our form maker is super intuitive.

Ask only what you need

When adding your questions and custom fields, keep your audience in mind. They’re probably busy and slightly distracted, so complex forms won’t work. Keep things as simple as possible.

  • Don’t ask unnecessary questions.
  • Ask clearly, don’t use complicated words, acronyms, or professional jargon unless you really have to.
  • Use multiple-choice questions when you can, they’re easier and more fun to answer.

Use visuals

Who said forms can’t be fun? keep your audience alert and entertained by adding images to relevant questions and form fields.

Visuals can also help clarify questions and answer options in multiple-choice formats.

Pro tip: use the form preview function to see if your images and selected color theme work well together.

Be nice

The most functional forms are often the most friendly ones as well. Add some words of encouragement along the way, and don’t forget a success message or a thank you note at the end. People like to feel appreciated.

Share it anywhere

After creating and publishing your form, take your mind back to your audience and goal. Where you share ultimately depends on them.

If you’re using a form as a lead generator or an email marketing tool it would make sense to add it to your site or run a social campaign.

If your goal is to collect information from clients or employees it may make more sense to send a link via email or business communication app.

Hundreds of Integrations

Send your email leads to Mailchimp, sync responses with Google Sheets. Get it all done automatically.

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