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Opinion Stage By Opinion Stage Updated: August 6, 2023 Updated: Aug 6, 2023

In one sentence: Opinion Stage offers a platform for creating visual conversational quizzes, polls, surveys, and forms that get more responses and better results.

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Opinion Stage in a Nutshell

Opinion Stage is a global remote-first company that helps people make highly effective online quizzes, surveys, and polls quickly and easily. Our tools are used to increase engagement and submissions, get more and better leads, and improve conversion rates.

With Opinion Stage, anyone can create visual and conversational quizzes, polls, and surveys in minutes. You can build from scratch using our user-friendly creation form or start from a template and change whatever you like.

When you’re done creating you can share your quiz on your website, on any of your social media channels, over email or messaging app. Quizzes, surveys, and polls built with Opinion Stage perform smoothly on any device or network.

What Makes Us Different?

Our tools are designed to maximize the number of submissions our customers receive from their polls, surveys, and quizzes. To get more people to submit their answers, we help you give them a visually engaging, interactive, and personalized experience that works smoothly and easily. Quizzes built with Opinion Stage often reach participation rates that are higher than 80% with 90% of participants completing the quiz. This is how we do it:

Visually Engaging

Visual content attracts more people and boosts engagement. That’s why we make it easy for our customers to add images and videos to their item’s cover, questions, answer options, and results. We also make sure all visuals are presented optimally on different devices and networks so that every user gets the best possible experience.

Conversational & Personalized

People stay longer on content that responds to their actions quickly, smoothly, and accurately. Our items offer many ways to interact with your audience:

  • Different types and formats of open/closed-ended questions
  • Instant correct/incorrect answer indications
  • Skip logic that lets you personalize each participant’s question path based on the answers they select.
  • Answer piping, which enables you to incorporate answers in follow-up questions. So, if someone types their name in question A you could use it in question B.
  • Customizable lead forms that appear after participants answer everything but before they see the results. This is the perfect moment to ask for their contact info since they’re immersed in the experience and eager to know what it means.

Optimized for any Scenario

Accessibility and ease of use are key when aiming to maximize submissions and conversion. That’s why our tools are fully responsive, ensuring that any item created with Opinion Stage looks great and works perfectly on any type of device from mobile to desktop, whether it’s embedded on a website, shared on social media, or messaging apps, or sent in an email.

Fully Customizable

Different audiences respond to different things. We give our customers the ability to adapt their quizzes, surveys, and polls to their needs. So while we provide a clear and structured starting point with our creation forms and templates we also offer many customization options, which include:

  • Design elements like color themes, fonts, and white labeling.
  • UX elements such as different layouts, CTA options, and microcopy customizations.
  • Functional settings that include blocking repeat votes, presenting answer explanations, and adding lead forms.

Target Audiences & Customers

Our main target audiences are marketers, publishers, brands, and SMBs who want to grow their audience, generate qualified leads, and drive sales. We also cater to teachers, researchers, and internal communications specialists who wish to gather reliable data, assess knowledge, and reach actionable insights.

Our customers include big, small, and medium companies from a wide variety of industries and countries. Some examples: IHG, Mazda, Mattel, Kaspersky, Uber, Zullily, NBCSport, Trip Adviser, Readers Digest, Vice, BBC, Warner Brothers, Outbrain, and Nativo.

People use our quick and user-friendly online tools to:

Templates & Examples

In order to make our customers’ lives easier we have created a variety of quiz, poll, and survey templates and examples. Our template library is constantly growing and developing based on customer requests and various trends. We do our best to make sure that anyone who enters our library will find what they need to get started.

While all our templates & examples can be used just as they are, almost everything about them can be changed. So, you could select a template that inspires you and change the images, questions, structure, logic, and design to make it a perfect fit for your audience.

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Facts & Figures

  • 100K+ customers
  • 550K+ items created
  • Items created in 40+ languages.
  • 2B+ engagements

Feedback & Reviews

Hundreds of our customers have given us top ratings and positive reviews on leading review sites:

Brand Resources

Opinion Stage icon, 200×200:

Opinion Stage logo, 1200×300:

Opinion Stage banner example

Opinion Stage Banner

Product Screenshots

Example of responsive trivia quiz design:

engaging quiz example

Example of responsive personality quiz design:

personality quiz example

Example of responsive survey design:

survey example

Example of responsive poll design:

poll example


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