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Follow these simple steps to add an engaging quiz to your Wix site.

How to Add a Quiz to Wix?

Follow these steps to add a quiz to your Wix site in minutes:

1. Make a Quiz

Start by creating a quiz with our online quiz maker.

2. Copy HTML Code

Go to your items dashboard and click on ‘Embed & Share’. Select the ‘Wix’ tab, and copy the code.

3. Go to Wix

Open your Wix site editor and click on the ‘+’ or ‘Add’.

4. Add HTML Code Box to Your Wix Site

Click on ‘Embed’ and ‘Embed a Widget’.

5. Paste Quiz Code

Select ‘Enter Code’, paste the HTML code you copied into the box, click ‘Apply’. and drag the container to the right spot on your site.

add code to wix

That’s it, you’re done 🙂🎉

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Try This Trivia Quiz

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Why Create a Quiz on Your Wix Website?

Embedding a quiz on your Wix site is a great way to communicate with your audience while providing a fantastic user experience that is fun for them and informative for you. Here are some of the advantages of running interactive quizzes on your websites.

Boost Engagement with an Online Quiz

Online quizzes are a great way to interest your audience in your site and offers. After all, people love to participate in quizzes. With the right content, your users will spend a lot of time on your Wix website.

Gather Segmented Leads

Integrate a lead form in your quiz to generate qualified and segmented leads. If you place your lead form right before you present the quiz results, you will get even more leads. Furthermore, the contact information you receive will be associated with the answers to the quiz questions. This means that you will know much more about the leads you collect. You can categorize your new prospects according to types of answers or results and continue the conversation with them based on the knowledge you have collected.

Drive Traffic From Social Sharing

Quizzes are a great way to boost the social sharing of your site. People love to share quiz results that are interesting, and funny, or present them in a positive light. If you build your quizzes correctly, they can become a social sharing engine that grows brand awareness, engagement, and even customer acquisition.

Boost Sales of Your Product/Service

Online quizzes are also great for e-commerce. You can use quizzes to lead your users to offers that you have tailored to their needs. This type of quiz is called a product selector or a product finder. By embedding such a quiz on your site or landing page, you can draw in new customers and direct them to the right products/services while building a relationship with them.

Gather Data

While users are having fun participating in your quiz, you can gather valuable information. For example, when users complete a “What type of foodie are you?” quiz, you can learn a lot about their menu choices, pricing preferences, and food buying patterns.

collect data

Best Practices for Creating Wix Quizzes

Now that you know how to build a Wix quiz and why it’s a good idea, here are some tips that will help you do so in the best possible way.

Think About Your Audience

Before you decide on your quiz title and questions, think about your audience. What quiz question would get them curious or interested? This is the number one factor in getting good response rates for your quiz.

Focus on What you Want to Achieve

Quizzes can be used for different objectives. If you are looking to generate leads, verify that the quiz isn’t too long and that it asks qualifying questions. If you want to create engagement and social sharing, make a longer quiz that offers valuable insights at the end.

Select an Appealing Quiz Title

Choose a quiz title that is appealing to your audience. It should be short and clear because you want people to pick it up quickly when they scroll the page. Your goal should be to invite and excite potential quiz takers, and get them curious enough to invest a few minutes of their lives in your quiz.

Use Visuals in Your Wix Quiz

Images, gifs, and videos will increase the number of users who take your quiz and the number of questions they answer. Visuals can also add context to the quiz title and questions.

Keep It Short & Simple

The more questions you ask the fewer quiz completions you will get. On the flip side, if the quiz doesn’t have enough questions it might be viewed as not serious enough. We recommend 5-15 questions depending on the scenario.

Adding a Wix quiz to your site is an engaging and user-friendly way to upgrade the experience your site offers. Your users will interact with your content more, and you can reap the rewards (leads, data, etc.).

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