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Make a Facebook Quiz From Scratch

Follow the instructions below to create an engaging Facebook quiz in three quick and simple steps.

1. Create a Quiz

Create a quiz from scratch in minutes.

create a quiz

Go to your items dashboard, click on the ‘Embed & Share’ button associated with your quiz, select the ‘Share Link’ tab, and copy the link.

click "embed & share"

3. Paste in Facebook

Go over to Facebook, paste the link in a post, and share it.

paste facebook quiz link

That’s it. You’re done!

Types of Facebook Quizzes

Now that you know how to create and share your Opinion Stage quiz on Facebook, let’s take a look at the different types of quizzes that you could share on any social network.


Trivia quizzes present participants with multiple questions that have correct/incorrect answers. At the end of the quiz, participants are presented with a result, which they can then share through their Facebook profile or another social network. You could use this format to create a trivia competition, knowledge quizzes, scored assessments, or any other quiz type.

Here’s a live trivia quiz built with the Opinion Stage quiz maker. Check it out.

Try It Out


Personality quizzes ask users to answer a series of close-ended quiz questions. Based on their answers they are offered a quiz outcome. With this format, you can create personality tests, outcome quizzes, product/service selectors, and more.

Unlike trivia quizzes, here there aren’t any right or wrong answers. The answer clusters you choose simply reflect your personality type as defined by the quiz. For example, your outcomes could determine which public figure your users most resemble, or what type of physical activity suits you best.

Here’s a live example of a personality quiz. Try it out:

Take a Quiz

Tips & Best Practices

Select a Good Quiz Title

The title is probably the single most important part of your quiz. After all, its quality will determine whether people click on it and start answering or not. Choose an engaging and appealing quiz title that arouses curiosity. At the same time, make sure your title is clear so that people know what to expect and have the information they need to decide if it’s relevant to them.

Don’t Make It Too Long

Make your quiz long enough to be effective and memorable, but not too long. We usually recommend five to 15 questions. Also, think about the order of your questions. We suggest you start with the easier questions and gradually move on to the more challenging ones so that your audience encounters them when they’re already invested in the experience.

Add Visuals

Images and videos make your quiz even more engaging. They grab attention faster and encourage users to take part. In some cases, they can even help clarify the questions. For every question, you can choose if to display one image or work with a multiple-image layout. And of course, there’s the cover image which will be displayed in your Facebook post. The more inviting and eye-catching it is the greater the chances of people clicking on it.

Promote Social Sharing

Your quiz isn’t over when people reach the results. Add an explicit call to action to share the quiz on Facebook and other social networks after it is completed. You can encourage participants to share the score or result they got with their friends. And your quiz will live on!

Keep the Results Positive

Users like to get positive feedback, so even if they didn’t score well, keep a positive tone. This will also increase the likelihood of them sharing their results and will encourage others to participate.

Ready to get started?

Create a Facebook Quiz

Top Reasons to Create a Quiz

Boost Engagement

Whether you or your company are running some type of paid campaign, lead generation campaigns, or wish to grow organic reach, a quiz is a great way to boost engagement with your content. Quiz takers tend to spend a lot of time on online quizzes. During this time they are fully focused on the messages you choose to display and promote.

Drive Traffic From Facebook Shares

Regardless of the type of quiz you create, fun quizzes are among the most shared pieces of content on social media, especially on Facebook. To increase the potential of this interactive content of yours going viral, make the results or outcomes highly shareable. People share quiz results on social media for different reasons. Here are a couple of examples:

    • When the results/outcomes present them in a positive light. For example, a good score on a trivia quiz, or a great outcome on a personality quiz.

    • When the results/outcomes make them laugh. Funny or unexpected results on trivia-type quizzes or quiz outcomes on personality-type quizzes work really well for driving traffic.

    • When the quiz topic is trending and/or very relevant within the community it is shared. People like to share stuff they think other people will value and enjoy.

Gather Leads

If you’re working on lead generation campaigns, adding a contact form to your Facebook quiz is a great way to boost your success and collect qualified leads. The form is displayed just before the user can view the results. At this point, they’re already highly involved in your interactive content, which dramatically increases the chance of them leaving their contact information. Expect to get up to 500% more leads with an integrated lead form than you would with a stand-alone form.

The leads you gather will also be highly qualified since every email address will be associated with the specific quiz answers. Once you have the lead machine going, power it up with a Facebook ad.

We’ve prepared some lead-generation quiz templates and examples to help you get started. You can use them as a starting point for your own lead quizzes, and customize anything you like.

Drive Sales

If you’re selling a product or service on your site, you can use a Facebook quiz to create a product selector that will offer your users the product/service that suits them most. Use this type of engaging quiz to ask questions like what is your budget? or what feature is more important to you? and offer relevant products accordingly. You can also use skip logic, and scoring logic to personalize your quiz and make sure it offers the best user experience and accurate results. At the end of the quiz, you can either include a call to action button or automatically redirect the user to the relevant page to complete the purchase. Here are some product recommendation quiz templates to get you inspired.

Conduct Market Research

When we think about research, our minds automatically go to surveys or forms, and your brand could definitely benefit from a visual conversational Facebook survey or Facebook form. But, since learning about your audience can sometimes be difficult, why not make it fun by using a quiz for market research? While users are having fun, you can learn a lot about them. Expect to receive more submissions and authentic answers. Unlike other types of content, here you have active users who are engaging in a conversation with you, sharing their preferences and choices.

If for example you sell food products and would like to learn about your audience. You could create a fun quiz titled ‘What type of foodie are you?’. While they answer it you can learn a lot about them (e.g. their weekly budget for food, their restaurant preferences, etc.).

Personalize Your Marketing

Adding online quizzes, as well as surveys and polls to your social media marketing strategy will increase your ability to conduct personalized email marketing easily and effectively. With the data you collect, you can write a blog post (or more) based on your quiz takers’ insights, target better on social media platforms, and segment your mailing list content according to your audiences.  It’s a great way to learn more about your audience, clients, and leads, which in turn will allow you to hone your strategy accordingly. You can also personalize the quiz/survey itself by using skip logic and making sure participants only see questions that are relevant to them.

Educate Your Audience

You can use trivia quizzes to teach your audience about your area of expertise while giving them a fun competitive experience. Use Facebook trivia quizzes to challenge their knowledge, and give them a score at the end. You could also indicate whether their answers are correct or incorrect after each question and add answer explanations to be displayed right after they make their choice. If the quiz is entertaining and the results are fun, your participants will be happy to share it on their account, giving you access to even more participants. In any case, they will definitely learn something new along the way.

With a personality quiz, you can help your users learn about themselves (while learning about them). Help them understand what their strong traits are in the context of your expertise, help them figure out what they need and how you can assist them

FAQs About Facebook Quizzes

How do you make a quiz on Facebook Messenger?

Making a quiz on Facebook Messenger is quick and easy. Simply go to the Opinion Stage quiz creator, follow the instructions, and publish your quiz to your items library. Then all you need to do is click on the Embed & Share button, copy the link, and paste it in a private message. 

How do you market a quiz?

There are many ways to market a quiz. We won’t cover them all, but here are a few tips. Choose an interesting and relevant topic. Make sure your content is clear, friendly, useful, and accessible. Create a great title and cover image, they’re the gateway to your quiz. Add social sharing buttons at the end of your quiz. If you make the results positive and interesting and pair them with a great visual, people will be proud to share them. Once your quiz is ready, you can market it like you would any product – emphasize the value, share it on the right platforms, and create a buzz. Think of your quiz as a journey you’re creating for the people you want to engage. The more exciting, useful, and memorable it is the easier it will be to market.

How do social media quizzes collect data?

When you build a social media quiz with Opinion Stage the data is automatically collected to your analytics dashboard in real time. You can see engagement stats, like the number of views, time on quiz, and drop-off rate, all very helpful for on-the-go optimizations. Your dashboard also includes different result and answer breakdowns. Another way to collect data is by adding a pixel and choosing where to fire it up. In other words, on which question or at which step of the survey (e.g. start, completion).

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