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Why Choose The Opinion Stage Online Voting Tool?

Our voting tool is designed with your voters in mind. Read on for more reasons why schools, organizations, researchers, and marketers worldwide use our voting tool for their interactive polls.

Get More Votes

The Opinion Stage online voting tool is designed to reach an unlimited audience and drastically increase your response rate.

  • Run as many online votes as you want for free.
  • Make online polls that are visual, interactive, and mobile-optimized.
  • Give your voters a smooth, engaging, and friendly voting process.
  • Easily add beautiful images and videos that increase voter engagement.

Our online voting system is built for high-volume voting, and it’s quick to load on any device.

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Super Easy to Create

Making online votes with the Opinion Stage polling tool is quick, simple, and effective.

It takes less than a minute to make a beautiful poll that will get you a great voter turnout.

Use our wide variety of poll templates and examples to get your poll out there even faster.

A poll that's fast and easy to create

Beautiful Designs & Color Themes

A well-designed poll can significantly increase voter participation.

  • Choose between dozens of color themes, fonts, and layouts or create your own custom designs using the CSS override function.
  • Make the look & feel of your opinion poll match your brand, white-label it, and add your own logo to make it your own.
  • Add an image or video to your polling questions or use separate visuals to illustrate every answer option.

With our online tools, even a quick poll can be a beautiful poll, and a beautiful poll is an effective poll.

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All the Features You Need

The Opinion Stage online voting tool is packed with advanced features that will make your online vote stand out and pull people in.

  • Choose the best question type for your goal, and let users select one or multiple answers.
  • Decide when to show users the results – before they vote, after they vote, or not at all.
  • Display a customized message with a call to action after the vote.
  • Redirect users to different landing pages based on their votes.
  • Add social share buttons to reach an unlimited audience.

Check out our Poll Maker for additional features that will help you increase voter turnout and participation.

poll features

Reliable & Trustworthy Results

Opinion Stage offers multiple mechanisms to promise high-integrity voting while maintaining a positive voter experience.

  • Block multiple votes based on cookie and IP.
  • Require a social profile (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter) to vote.
  • Rely on our script detection mechanisms to block cheat voting.
  • Automatically detect and block robot voting.
  • Track voting responses to detect irregular patterns.

Secure & GDPR Compliant

Top organizations trust us with their voter information and poll data. We take their trust seriously.

  • All data is stored on secure Amazon AWS servers
  • Data transit is done over HTTPS only.
  • We strictly comply with the general data protection regulations and follow industry-standard security and privacy guidelines.
  • We regularly monitor and assess our online tools and systems to make sure your voter information is secure.

Check out our privacy policy for more details.

secure and private

Vote From Any Platform, Device & Location

Let your voters vote from anywhere and give them a simple and straightforward voting experience.

  • Share your vote on social media, email, or any messaging app.
  • Run a live vote in your classroom or online meetings.
  • Embed your voting poll anywhere on your site or use a landing page on ours.
  • Let voters answer your poll question from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

Our polling software is fully responsive and optimized for mobile voting.

fully responsive and mobile friendly

Stay In Touch With Voters

Add a fully customizable lead form to your voting poll to gather email addresses or other contact info from voters. It’s 5 times more effective than regular online forms.

Ask for any details you need (e.g. name, email address, phone number, etc.) and associate them with the poll answer your voters selected.

The contact form is displayed right after the vote, when your poll participants are still engaged, which increases form submissions. Configure the results to appear only after the contact form is submitted to further increase your success.

poll for lead gen

Advanced Reporting & Real-Time Results

Our web-based voting solution lets you track voting responses in real-time using our visual reporting dashboard.

  • See how many people saw your poll, how many voted, and how each individual voter voted.
  • Compare answers using different visualizations (pie chart, column chart, etc.).
  • Export all the data to an XLS/CSV file for advanced analysis.
analytics dashboard

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When to Use an Online Vote?

An online vote is a super handy tool to have in your pocket. Here are some popular use cases to get you inspired.

Engage Your Audience With a Live Vote

Share a live poll with your class or lecture audience to assess their knowledge or get their take on the subject you’re discussing.

It’s a quick and easy activity that’ll wake them up and get them involved. You’ll see what they think and they’ll see what their peers think – and all in real-time.

Make a Decision With Your Friends & Colleagues

Making a group decision can be a tiring process. With our online voting tool, you can reach group decisions quickly and easily.

Whether you’re trying to decide on the agenda for your next meeting or choose a gift for a beloved friend, an online vote can definitely make life easier.

Run an Online Competition

Use our online voting tool to make contests and competitions that your target audience will love.

Our voting tool has all the features you need to create and run an exciting poll competition:

  • Choose a contest-focused layout.
  • Collect contestants’ details with a lead form.
  • Block cheat-votes.
  • Expand reach with social sharing integrations.
  • Randomize answer display.
  • Automatically close the contest at a preset time.

Measure Public Sentiment With an Online Vote

Share a quick opinion poll on your social channels or website to see where people stand with regard to the agenda you’re promoting.

If you’re active in any online community, an opinion poll can be a powerful conversation starter. All you need is one good question and a couple of engaging images to get the discussion going.

Spice Up Your Conference Call with A Zoom Poll

Use our online voting tool to make an entertaining vote and share it with other call participants. It can be a fun off-topic poll that creates a positive vibe, an energizing and competitive trivia question, or a practical vote to advance the meeting agenda.

Simply make your poll and share a link to it in the meeting chat. Find more tips and ideas for Zoom votes here: How to Make a Zoom Poll.

How to Use an Online Voting Tool?

This is how to make awesome votes and polls that your audience will love. It’ll take you less than a minute from start to finish.

Ask a Question

Think of a question that you need to ask and your audience will be happy to answer. Now go to our free online voting tool and add your question to your poll creation form.

Add Answer Options

Once you have your question down, add your answer options. Make sure there’s an answer in there for everyone so that nobody feels left out or leaves without voting.

Make It Shine With Visuals

Choose the right look for your voting poll. Select a layout and color theme and add engaging images, gifs, or videos.

Share It With The World

Add your vote to any website using short-code, HTML, iframe, or the Opinion Stage WordPress Plugin. Share a link to your vote over any social network, messaging app, or email.

Keep Track of Submissions

Go to your dashboard to see how many people are seeing your poll and voting. Analyze their votes in real-time and share your insights with your audience, students, and colleagues.

Hundreds of Integrations

Send your email leads to Mailchimp, sync responses with Google Sheets. Get it all done automatically.

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

Our go-to service for Bullion Dealer of the Year Vote. Ease of use and excellent capabilities. Handles huge traffic volume and I love that we can hide the vote results until the end of voting. We can also track votes and customize the voting forms so it looks like an integral part of our website.
Mac Saxe
Senior Editor at Bullion Directory
Every year we do a car of the year, that involves readers voting for their favorite car. It used to be really time-consuming, but Opinion Stage has made it super quick and easy. Very easy to implement across all platforms. Works great on mobile. Customer support is great as well.
Glenn Rowswell
Editor at Fast Car Magazine
I've used Opinion Stage since 2015 to create engaging quizzes & polls for our readers. The quizzes and polls that we develop are received very positively with a good response. During the years we have used Opinion Stage, our readership has increasingly developed.
Knut Eirik Myhre
Owner at Rockman Magazine

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