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Why Make a Trivia Quiz?

The following use cases will show you why our customers make trivia quizzes and how they use them to reach their goals.

Boost Engagement

Marketers, brands, and publishers use trivia quizzes to boost engagement and build brand awareness.

People love trivia challenges. And people share what they love. So, simply…

  • Make a beautiful challenging quiz. It’s easy, you can even use our trivia quiz templates.
  • If you’re using our trivia quiz maker, add social sharing buttons.
  • Share your trivia on your different social channels.

And that’s it. Now let your audience enjoy your trivia quiz and share it with their friends.

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Create Assessments & Tests

Teachers, educators, and corporate trainers use trivia quizzes to test their students’ knowledge and skills.

Online trivia quizzes are easy to distribute via email, messaging app, or even social media. Your students or trainees can take the quiz from any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Easily analyze results with our user-friendly statistics dashboard. You can also export the results to a CSV/XLS file for advanced analysis.

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Run Online Competitions

Marketers and publishers use trivia quizzes to make super engaging competitions.

Quiz contests tap into our competitive nature. They create a buzz and drive traffic to your site.

Make a trivia quiz where users can compete for a prize – whoever gets the most correct answers in the least amount of time wins.

Use this opportunity to collect contact information and learn what makes your audience tick.

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Gather Leads With Our Trivia Quiz Maker

Brands and businesses use our trivia maker to generate tons of high-quality leads.

By integrating a lead form in your trivia quiz you can increase your lead generation by 500%.

People are way more likely to give you their contact info when they have something to gain, a prize, a win, or even a glance at their result.

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Drive Traffic From Social

Publishers use trivia quizzes to drive engaged audiences from social media to their websites.

Our trivia quiz maker integrates with all popular social networks and includes features that promote social sharing.

Optimize your social shares by configuring the cover image, title, and intro text. As a result, you can expect an uptick in traffic to your site.

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Embed & Share Your Quiz Anywhere

Get more people to interact with your trivia quiz by embedding it in a prominent spot on your site or sharing it across multiple social media channels.

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Why Use Our Trivia Quiz Maker?

Here are the top reasons that make our trivia quiz builder stand out

Fantastic Engagement

Trivia quizzes built with the Opinion Stage trivia maker reach an 80% participation rate and a 90% completion rate.

You can easily make challenging quizzes filled with interactive visually appealing questions that are optimized for all platforms.

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Easy & Fast to Create

Opinion Stage offers hundreds of optimized templates. All you need to do is:

  • Browse our trivia quiz templates to get ideas for the quiz you want to create.
  • Choose a template and customize it with our trivia quiz maker. Change the texts, images, layout, and more.
  • Get your trivia up and running fast and easy.
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Customizable Look & Feel

With the Opinion Stage trivia maker, you can customize your trivia quiz so that it perfectly matches your site and brand.

  • Select different color themes, fonts, and sizes.
  • Use custom CSS to change any design aspect of your quiz.
  • White-label your quiz and add your own logo.
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Advanced Quiz Reporting

The Opinion Stage trivia quiz maker gives you detailed reports on your quiz results and all aspects of its performance. You will receive:

  • Performance reports that cover engagement, conversion, and user behavior.
  • Submission data reports – timestamps and more.
  • Result reports that detail how users answered each question and how long it took them to complete the trivia quiz.

You can easily export all of this information to a CSV/XLS file for advanced analysis.

How to Make a Trivia Quiz?

Think About Your Audience

Just like with any other content you develop, you need to know your audience so that you can create a quiz that’s relevant to them.

Make sure they find your trivia questions interesting, useful, and sufficiently challenging (but not frustratingly hard).

Keep It Short

No matter how exciting and challenging your trivia will be, people’s attention span is short.

Keep your trivia quiz to around 10-15 questions to make sure the majority of your audience reaches the finish line.

Start Easy

If you want people to stick with you, give them a chance to warm up. Start with the easy questions and increase the difficulty step-by-step.

We tend to be more willing to face a challenge when we’re already invested and have had some success.

Look Your Best

Beautiful quizzes work better. Use our trivia quiz maker to add eye-catching images and videos that will draw people in and encourage them to stay.

You can also adjust the color theme to your brand or to the content of your quiz.

Make Them Smile

As a trivia quiz creator, you are more than a scorekeeper. You’re also a cheerleader and a supportive guide.

Your aim is to make your audience feel good and engaged so that they enjoy your quiz no matter what score they receive.

How? Use humor and conversational language. And add some words of encouragement here and there.

Don’t Give It Away

Let your audience think before they select the answer. We spoke about encouragement and not making your quiz frustratingly difficult. But don’t make it too easy either.

Include a couple of hard questions. And make sure your images and question options don’t give away the right answer.

Results Matter

The result cards of your trivia are super important. It’s where you can celebrate with your trivia participants and encourage them to share.

It works like this: if the image and the text on the result card make them laugh or feel good about themselves, they’re likely to share it.

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I've used Opinion Stage since 2015 to create engaging quizzes & polls for our readers. The quizzes and polls that we develop are received very positively with a good response. During the years we have used Opinion Stage, our readership has increasingly developed.
Knut Eirik Myhre
Owner at Rockman Magazine
Great for making shareable content. I like that there are different options of quiz templates so that I can make something that suits any subject. These quizzes allow us to tackle a variety of topics in a fun and easily consumed way that is great to share on social media.
Jessica de Bruyn
Editor & Writer at True Imaginary
Easy to use, customer-friendly, and very convenient for early-stage candidate screening and employee engagement.
Grigoris Vlachakis
Insurance Expert at StartupInsurLeaders

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